Have you ever started a new project, a goal, or some kind of change with great enthusiasm? What happened next? Whenever we go through a period of change we experience a similar cycle. This is referred to as The Cycle of Change.

Through understanding this cycle, you can better prepare for each stage in your next goal, project, or major decision in life.

What is The Cycle of Change?

The Cycle of Change is a concept developed by psychologists Don Kelley and Daryl Conner. They identified 5 emotional stages that most of us go through when going through a period of change.

The stages are:

  1. Uninformed Optimism
  2. Informed Pessimism
  3. Hopeful Realism or The Valley of Despair
  4. Informed Optimism
  5. Completion

Watch this week’s Facebook Live video to find out…

  • How to recognise each stage
  • At what stage most of us quit or start to “check out”
  • How to recognise the signs that this might be what is happening with you
  • What happens if we can keep at it
  • The question we should all ask ourselves to about our own Cycle of Change


If you need some support or direction through your period of change, coaching can be a great option.

You can sign up for a complimentary and zero obligation Clarity Chat session here

Show notes:

  • Find out more about The Cycle of Change on Mindtools


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