Are you struggling with your mindset? Is your motivation lacking? Are you feeling stuck? Getting to know this one part of your brain can help you to make a small shift that has big impact. This part of your brain is called the Reticular Activating System, or RAS for short. Everyone has one, and it is busy doing its job whether you like it or not.

What is the Reticular Activating System?

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a small part of your brain with a big job. It acts as a filtering system for your brain, filtering in and out sensory data. There could be around 2 million bits of sensory data around you at any given time. The things that you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Your brain does not have the capacity to process them all, so your RAS decides what to filter in, and what to filter out.

Watch this week’s Facebook Live video to find out…

  • More about how the RAS works
  • How it decides what to filter in, and what to filter out
  • What impact this can have on your experience


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