So, you’ve done your mid-year review – what next? The process of reviewing the year so far is an important one (If you haven’t done yours yet, you can get started here), but it’s what you do next that matters most. It is far too easy to leave it at that and lose the focus. The next steps that you take are important ones. Here are 10 steps to make the most of the rest of your 2017.

Make the Most of the Rest of Your Year
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1. Shake it off!

No matter how you feel about the year so far, ensure that this does not define the months ahead. Acknowledge it, accept it, then let it go.

You need to be able to shake it off to be able to make the most of the opportunities ahead.

2. Draw learning from your challenges

Are there challenges that came up in the first half of the year that could be recurring? What can you do to minimise this?

Start to apply the strategies that you outlined in your review.

3. Keep grounded in what you feel proud of

Make a point of checking in on what you feel proud of daily.

If you enjoy journaling, try keeping a ‘proud of’ journal. Start by adding the things that came up for you in your review. Read this every time you feel challenged, or progress feels slow.

Pay attention to any themes that show up in what you feel proud of – this will speak to your core priorities and values.

4. Prioritise the things that feed your soul

You know those things that fed your soul and kept you going in the first half of the year? You know how great they made you feel? How much more energy, laughter, and motivation you had?

Imagine if you made a point of prioritising those things? Work out how you can do them more regularly. Make the most of every opportunity. Schedule them in where you can.

5. Eliminate the energy sucks

Minimise or eliminate the things that deplete and drain you. If you can’t remove them completely, consider how you can minimise the effects.

Offset their impact by making time for the things that feed your soul.

6. Focus on your focus areas

Now that you are clear on where you want to focus, don’t let them fade into the background.

Create some clear and compelling goals for each area. Keep them at the forefront of your mind. Post them somewhere you will see them every day. Read them every day. Create a vision board. Let them guide your decision making.

7. Connect with how you want to feel

Getting clear on how you will feel when you reach your goals in your focus areas helps to keep you clear on what you are working toward.

If you have a vision board for your focus areas, include pictures or words that describe how you will feel when you have reached them.

8. Keep focused on your actions

Consider putting your key actions into your calendar. Schedule the key steps and milestones. Break the first few actions down into even smaller steps. Consider the detail.

Most importantly, follow through and make it happen.

9. Use your focus word or theme as a mantra

This should be something that you can call forth at any time. It should guide you, motivate you, inspire you, and give you courage. Post it on the wall. Include it on your vision board. Write in your journal. Say it like a mantra.

When you are feeling challenged, focus on your word or theme and let it guide you.

10. Keep the perspective

Remember, it won’t all be smooth sailing. Despite all the effort you put in, there will still be challenges. But without challenge, there is no change.

In the times that you feel like there is no progress, try and find perspective. It is impossible to progress forward 100% of the time.

Often, we plateau – and there is value in that. These times helps us to rest, reflect, and gather resources.

Sometimes we take steps backwards. There is value in that too. These times can help us try new strategies, find new information, and gain valuable learning.

Keep in touch with bigger picture – can you see progress there?


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